Longboarding to Health and Stamina

Extreme sports have always had a strong appeal to men and women of all ages. The dangers that come with it are all part and parcel of the whole deal. Longboarding, which is a separate discipline from skateboarding, is one of these addictive extreme sports. Why is it so appealing though? And is there any reason to risk injury just to get some health benefits like dogs arthritis aspirin?

Longboarding Roots

Board sports give respect to surfing as their mother sport. In Hawaii, where surfing started, skateboarding became a popular cross-trainer as it resembled the undulation of the ocean and ride of a surfboard—except riding was done on cement and asphalt. As the years passed, demand for a skateboard which could cruise grew in momentum.

Stamina and Balance

Fast forward to today. Longboarders have a different play on the street. Skateboarders’ tricks and rides are characterized by pops and ollies, while longboarders are known for cruising (long level rides), “dancing”, and downhill rides.

Riding a longboard improves balance and really works out the legs, butt, and core. Just plain cruising can work up a serious sweat and the burn can be felt after a good session. When tricks are added to the mix, then the workout becomes even more intense and more muscle groups are exercised, such as the arms and shoulders.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Longboarding provides solid aerobic activity. This strengthens heart and lung capacity. Bombing hills mixes endurance training and cardiovascular exercise in one—and gives an adrenaline rush like no other. Longboarders who push their limits know how out of breath longboarding can be! Beginner longboarders can feel their stamina go up with just a little board time. This kind of rewarding experience makes the sport highly enjoyable. When mind, body, and soul work as one entity, the health benefits go way beyond just building up endurance and stamina.

Safety on the Street

Any sport has its health hazards. Longboarding, unlike surfing, does not give the benefit of safe wipeouts. Skateboarders and longboarders can both attest to the scratches, cuts, and bumps that the sport gives. But by being safe on the road by wearing the proper gear, an optimal workout to improve endurance can be attained.

A workout is not a good workout when you get injured all the time. Sure, some scratches are to be expected but being stoked is not enough reason to get injured all the time. Stay safe, wear your gear, and hit the street for one good workout you can share with your buddies.